Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Its tax time and our mailboxes will be full of important tax information such as 1099’s and W-2’s. These documents are highly prized by identity thieves since they are the “keys to the kingdom” and can be used to commit a wide variety of crimes against you such as IRS fraud, medical benefits fraud, bank and brokerage wire transfer fraud, and a wide variety of other ugly crimes.

The envelopes in which these documents are delivered are easy to spot and without a locking mailbox or other secure delivery mechanism you may be inviting thieves to enter your world and wreak havoc.

If you don’t have a locking mailbox get one immediately. Better yet use a Post Office Box and get the added security of protection by the postal inspectors while the mail remains in your PO Box.

Pick up your mail as soon as possible. Don’t let unattended mail sit in an insecure mail box.

If you’re traveling then have your mail held at the post office until you return. Get a bunch of the yellow card “Authorization to Hold Mail” (PS form 8076) and keep them handy.

And now the most important advice of all –

FILE ELECTRONICALLY OR IF POSTING YOUR TAX RETURNS CARRY THEM INTO THE POST OFFICE AND HAND THEM TO A POSTAL EMPLOYEE WHO STANDS BEHIND THE COUNTER. Never, never, put tax forms in the blue post boxes on street corners. Never, never hand tax forms to persons standing on the street in front of the post office that may or may not be identity thieves.


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