Monday, January 08, 2007


Today’s emails and phishing scam is included below. The domain name for this site was registered on January 4. Needless to say we have not applied for a loan. The email came to our general information email address. The URL provided has no server and an analysis of the actual coding of the email indicates that a redirect to another hidden site is highly likely.

Here for you amusement and amazement is today’s email scam:


Thank you for your loan request, which we recieved yesterday, your refinance application has been accepted

Bad credit OK, We are ready to give you a $371,000 loan, after further review, our lenders have established the lowest monthly payments.

Approval process will take only 1 minute.

Please visit the confirmation link below and fill-out our short 30 second Secure Web-Form.


Using a safe sacraficial browser we visited the site and noticed that the website had unauthorized logos for the CAN-Spam organization, VeriSign, Equal Housing Opportunity logo, and Trust-e. The links to these organizations were not links at all, but simple pictures of the logos of the trusted site.


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