Wednesday, February 14, 2007


At KnightsBridge Castle we track databreaches as they are reported. The loss of personal information security, enabled by a databreach at a government agency, merchant database, or other source is an increasingly common vector for identity theft, impersonation crimes, criminal activity, and fraud.

Here is a list of this weeks top five databreaches –

- [2007-02-14]

(196,000 Social Security numbers among information on stolen tapes)

Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department
- [2007-02-11]

(Social Security numbers for 2,000 police officers exposed)

Department for Work and Pensions (UK)
- [2007-02-10]

(Bank details of as many as 26,000 pensioners sent to wrong addresses)

State of Indiana
- [2007-02-10]

(5,600 people and businesses notified about credit card numbers on hacked server)

Radford University
- [2007-02-09]

(Breached computer contained 2,400 Social Security numbers and birthdates)

East Carolina University
- [2007-02-09]

(Social Security numbers, names, and some credit card numbers for 65,000 posted to web)

St. Mary's Hospital
- [2007-02-08]

(130,000 names, Social Security numbers and birthdates of patients on stolen laptop)

Central Connecticut State University
- [2007-02-07]

(Letters reveal Social Security numbers for about 750 students)

University of Nebraska, Lincoln - [2007-02-07]

(72 Social Security numbers posted on public web site for over two years)

Johns Hopkins Hospital
- [2007-02-07]

(Missing computer tapes contain Social Security numbers of 52,000)


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